Hip Pain Treatment in Vista

Chiropractic Care for Hip Pain in Vista

Hip Pain Relief in Vista

Are you dealing with chronic hip pain? You’re not alone. Your hips are a major joint and muscle group that plays a major part in your overall mobility. Even the smallest misalignment or injury can cause severe pain in your hip area. The pain can even travel up into your lower back or down into your knee which is called referred pain.

The good news is that chiropractic care can help. Our chiropractic team in Vista is well versed in treating hip pain problems. We’ll help you identify the underlying cause of your hip pain and build a custom care plan to help you feeling great again.

Find The Root Cause

Get to the bottom of what’s causing your hip pain so we can build a plan to help get you feeling great again.

Custom Care Plan

We’ll help build you a plan of action to get your pain under control and get you doing well again.

Preventative Care

If needed, we’ll establish preventative measures to help keep your problem under control so you can stay healthy and active.

Chiropractic Care for Hip Pain

Hip pain is a major problem for a lot of people and can really prohibit movement and comfort. Chiropractic care can help pinpoint the issue and make corrections to resolve the hip pain or we will get you to someone who can.

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Hip Pain Treatment in Vista

Many people experience major pain relief from their hip pain with chiropractic care. Using our gentle adjusting techniques along with therapies like Laser and stretching and exercise, we can help you escape the pain and get back to feeling great again. Book an appointment now to schedule a time with our team.

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Hip Pain Treatment in Vista

Hip pain is a common problem. Our chiropractic team is here to help you alleviate hip pain and help to eliminate it altogether. First we work with you to find the root cause of your hip pain and then build a customized care plan to get you on the path to optimal health.

Hip pain usually occurs on one side and can be caused by a variety of things. Sometimes, the cause of hip pain is never found and the pain fades after a few days or weeks. A strained muscle, dislocated joint, bone spur from arthritis, inflammation (e.g., bursitis), nerve irritation (e.g., sciatica), or injury to some other structure in your hip area can cause hip pain.

Common Causes of Hip Pain

There can be a lot of reasons you’re experiencing pain in your hip. Regardless, it’s best to seek help from our Chiropractic team in Vista to find the cause and treat it before it gets worse.

  • Muscle strain

Muscle strain is a common cause of hip pain. It can be caused by overuse or repetitive motions, or by a sudden, traumatic event. Muscle strain in the hip can lead to pain, stiffness, and swelling in the area.

  • Dislocated joint

A dislocated joint is when the bones in your hip move out of the socket (joint). This can cause pain, swelling, and difficulty moving. This condition is a Medical problem and not a chiropractic one. Seek medical attention right away.

  • Bone spur

A bone spur is a piece of bone that sticks out, often caused by arthritis, and can cause pain and impingement in the hip. It can happen due to certain diseases, certain traumas or accidents, and from wear and tear which cause arthritis.

  • Inflammation (e.g., bursitis)

Inflammation is a localized physical response to injury or infection, in which the body’s white blood cells and chemical mediators accumulate in the affected tissues. Inflammation can cause pain and swelling if not treated.

  • Nerve irritation (e.g., sciatica)

Nerve irritation in the hip, also known as sciatica, can cause pain, tingling, and numbness in the hip and even radiate down the leg. It is often caused by a herniated disk in the lower back that compresses on the sciatic nerve as it exits the lower spinal column. This condition is usually treated with Spinal Decompression (computerized traction) in our office in most cases.

How Chiropractors Treat Hip Pain

Chiropractors use a variety of techniques to adjust the hips, depending on the cause of the pain. If muscle strain is the cause, they may use massage or other hands-on techniques to help loosen the muscle and relieve the pain. If there is a dislocated joint, they will refer you to the appropriate medical treatment. If there is a bone spur, they may use a chiropractic adjustments to help mobilize the joint and help restore motion. If the hip pain is nerve related then they may use use Spinal Decompression to help relieve the pressure on the nerves. If there is inflammation, they may use ice or heat therapy, or laser therapy. If there is nerve irritation, they may use adjustments or computerized spinal decompression to relieve the pressure on the nerve.

The goal of a chiropractic adjustment is to realign your hips and spine to spark natural healing and relieve pressure on the nerves and soft tissues. In most cases, this may dramatically help relieve the pain in your hips and allows your body to start healing properly.

Chiropractic Care for Hip Pain in Vista

If you’re experiencing hip pain, our chiropractic team in Vista is here to help. Book your appointment to consult our Chiropractic team about your hip pain and start your path to recovery.

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